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Large Twin Layer - Bundle Deal

Large Twin Layer - Bundle Deal

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Meals In Steel Bundle Deal: Get the Best Lunch Solution

Upgrade Your Lunch Experience with our Large Lunchbox, Airtight Snack Container, and Spork

Discover the Meals In Steel Bundle Deal - Save $5.50 Today!

  • Large Twin Layer Lunch Box - Durable and Non-Toxic

    Experience the durability and non-toxic nature of our Large Twin Layer Lunch Box. Crafted from 100% food-grade stainless steel, it is free from harmful chemicals such as BPA, BPS, and phthalates.

  • Airtight Round Small Snack Container - Safe and Secure

    Keep your smaller snacks safe and secure in our Airtight Round Small Snack Container. Made from 100% food-grade stainless steel, it offers a reliable storage solution. The kid-tested clips can be easily adjusted to ensure your food stays in place.

  • Spork - Convenient and Eco-Friendly

    Embrace convenience and eco-friendliness with our included Spork. This versatile utensil is perfect for your on-the-go meals, reducing the need for disposable cutlery.

By choosing our Bundle Deal, you'll save $5.50 while making a positive environmental impact by eliminating single-use plastics from your lunch routine. Upgrade your lunch game today with Meals In Steel!

Product Features

🎒 Perfect for All Ages: Our leakproof stainless steel lunchbox is designed to meet the needs of both school kids and adults, making it an ideal choice for everyone.
🌿 Preserve Freshness: Enjoy your favorite dishes like rice curry, pasta, salads, or any liquid food with confidence. Our lunchbox locks in flavors and maintains food quality for longer periods.
🚫 100% Safe and Spill-Proof: Rest assured knowing your meals are stored safely with our lunchbox that's 100% safe, free from harmful chemicals, and spill-proof, preventing any leaks or spills.
🧽 Easy to Clean with Secure Seal: Our lunchbox features a user-friendly design that's easy to clean. While the seal is hand-wash preferred for optimal performance, the rest of the lunchbox is dishwasher safe.
🔒 Secure and Easy-to-Open Clips: The lunchbox is equipped with secure clips that ensure a tight seal while being easy to open, making mealtime hassle-free.
🌟 Durable Quality: Made from high-quality stainless steel 304, our lunchbox is built to last, providing long-lasting performance and value for money.
🎒 Convenient Portability: Compact and lightweight, our lunchbox easily fits in bags, making it convenient to carry for school, work, outdoor activities, or travel.
🌱 Eco-friendly Choice: Choose our reusable and recyclable lunchbox to reduce the use of disposable containers, contributing to a greener and more sustainable lifestyle. coded

Washing Instructions

Dishwasher safe however we recommend that you remove any silicon seal(leakproof lunchbox) from the lid and wash that separately by hand. The lid can then go into the dishwasher without seal.Moisten the silicone seal, then press the gasket firmly with the flat of your finger into the lid's steel grove to put it back in place. We sell seal replacements in our store in case of loss.

Return Policy

Returns on Products Purchased from our Web store

We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and if for some reason you are not happy with the product you can return the product within 30 days as long as it has not been used.

All refund will be provided as per the actual payment mode used by the customer. 

One Year Warranty

One-Year Manufacturer's Warranty Included!

Meals in Steel is committed to providing you with products of the highest quality and durability. That's why we offer a one-year manufacturing warranty on all our stainless steel products

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We ship within 24 hours once the order is placed. We will do our best to fill and deliver your order as quickly and safely as possible. Most orders within Auckland limits will be delivered within 1 to 3 working days. Most other orders within New Zealand will be delivered within 3 to 5 working days. Please select suitable delivery option for your product.

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We do not charge extra for rural areas.  Our current shipping price is flat $8.00  Free Shipping for orders over $150 New Zealand wide.  International shipping starts from $35.

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Do you Know?

Studies of bisphenol-S, the chemical compound sometimes used to replace bisphenol-A in "BPA-free" plastic products, found it is disruptive not only to the body's hormone system but to brain circuitry in developing animal embryos.

Known to mimic estrogen, BPA and BPS are not the only synthetic chemicals found in hard plastic and certain resins that do so. (Close relatives include Bisphenol B, C, E, F, G, M. P, PH, TMC, and Z.) In laboratory tests, 95 percent of hundreds of ordinary plastic products put through "real world" conditions, such as through a microwave or dishwasher, tested positive for leaching estrogenic chemicals. Since companies are under no obligation to tell consumers what chemicals are used in the manufacture of their product, many health experts say the best thing to do is avoid contact with household plastics altogether.

With the caveat that it is nearly impossible to not be exposed to plastic in the course of a day, here are two lists. The first contains a selective list of plastic items or products that contain plastic resins that experts say you should limit your exposure to or sanitize your hands after touching. The second list contains a selective list of safe alternatives


- hard plastic sports bottles

- plastic food storage containers

- food wrap

- hard and flexible packaging

- deli containers

- plastic bags

- baby bottle components (nipple, ring, liner, etc)

- plastic dinnerware and plates

- non-stick cookware

- plastic cleaning products

- thermal receipt paper

- canned food and drink


- stainless steel water bottles

- unbleached wax paper

- anything made from wool, cotton, hemp or plastic-free, biodegradable fibers

- plastic-free cleaning products, such as baking soda, vinegar, and essential oils

- stainless steel or cast iron cookware

  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLYEnvironment Friendly
  • 527eb6afa8c136b328f6fd27c2f8acb6 - Meals In Steel Dishwasher Safe
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